Sales terms
The following sales terms are applicable to purchases in the BlueChimney webshop:

Orders and payments
You can order the products from Blue Chimney ApS in our webshop: www.bluechimney.dk/it.

When you place an order in our webshop, you receive an order confirmation of your purchase by e-mail. Please save the order confirmation as it can be relevant for exchanges, returns or claims.

When the item has been sent from our warehouse, you will receive an invoice, to be paid within a week (8 days). If you decide to use your “2-week trial period”, you will receive an invoice after 2 weeks (15 days) from the reception of the BlueChimney product, to be paid within a week (8 days). If you choose to return your BlueChimney, you will not receive an invoice, but you have to pay the return shipping yourself.

All our prices are in Danish kroner (DKK) and include 25% VAT and other taxes. The applicable price is the price indicated on the website for the concerned product at the day of the order. The prices only apply in Denmark (excluding Greenland and the Faroe Islands) and are subject to changes regarding prices and taxes, price errors and discontinued or sold-out items.

We offer free delivery for purchases above 1.000 DKK. The package is shipped by GLS, and in certain countries by GLS sub-contractors. The delivery period is every day between 8 am and 5 pm.
If the recipient is not at home at the time of the delivery, GLS will return the package to the nearest dispatch/terminal and leave a message to the recipient with pick-up instructions. If the package has not been picked up/delivered within two weeks of the first delivery attempt, the package is automatically returned to Blue Chimney ApS. If the package has to be shipped again, the client will be charged for the shipping. If the package has not arrived in accordance with the delivery times mentioned below, the client must contact Blue Chimney ApS within a week (8 days).

Upon receipt, the package should be checked for damage and deficiencies. If, against all expectations, the package has been opened, or the content has been damaged in a visible manner, the recipient should refuse to accept the package or acknowledge receipt with reservations. If the recipient has accepted the package with reservations, and if the item is declared damaged, the recipient should claim damages from Blue Chimney ApS within 48 hours in order to preserve the compensation guarantee. This also applies to invisible damage. Both in the case of visible and invisible damage, the recipient should document the damage with photos of the damage and the packaging. In addition, the order number and the shipping number should be indicated in the damage claim for speedy processing.

Blue Chimney ApS ships via GLS in Denmark. The shipping time is 1-3 working days following the order date. The shipping prices and terms only apply in Denmark (excluding Greenland and Faroe Islands). For shipping to Greenland and Faroe Islands, the client is requested to contact Blue Chimney ApS concerning the shipping price.

Right of renunciation
According to Danish law, you have the right to renounce and return your purchase two weeks (14 days) at the latest after receipt of the item. The right of renunciation only applies if the item is returned in the same condition and quantity.

The right of renunciation therefore ceases to apply if the item has been used in a way which clearly and significantly reduces its market value. The item should be returned in its original packaging with a copy of the order confirmation.

If you wish to return your purchase, the items should be shipped to our distributor:

Rustfri DK A/S

Nøjsomhedsvej 1
4900 Nakskov

The shipping charges for returned goods will be incurred by the client.

If the item fulfils the requirements for the right of renunciation, you will receive a refund two weeks (14 days) at the latest after we received the item. The refund will cover the payment of the item in question as well as any shipping costs. The amount will be transferred to the payment card you have used for the purchase or to your bank account.

You can renounce a purchase by
– refusing to accept the item, or
– returning the item to our distributor, Rustfri DK A/S. Please note: We do not accept packages shipped using a cash-on-delivery system!

For further questions, please contact Blue Chimney ApS at tel. 70 70 77 22 or by e-mail: info@bluechimney.dk

When you have returned the item and once we have received it, you will receive an e-mail with information about the processing of your renunciation/claim.

All products are covered by a 2-year warranty. That means that you may claim flaws and deficiencies for a period of 2 years. The item will then be repaired, exchanged, refunded or discounted, depending on the specific situation. Your claim must be eligible and justified, and the deficiency must not have occurred as a result of faulty use of the item or other damaging behaviour.
The warranty does not cover damage caused by inappropriate installation and use of BlueChimney.

Any flaws or deficiencies on the item should be claimed within a reasonable period of time after they have been discovered. If you file the claim within two months after the discovery of the deficiency, the claim will be timely. If the claim is eligible and justified, we will of course refund your shipping costs within reasonable limits.

Please send the item to:
Rustfri DK A/S
Nøjsomhedsvej 1
4900 Nakskov

When you return the item, please provide as many details about the problem as possible. Please note: We do not accept packages sent using a cash-on-delivery system or the like. Remember that the item should be returned in proper packaging and please provide a shipping receipt, so we can reimburse your shipping costs.

Repairs and redelivery
If the product is flawed, Blue Chimney ApS commits to repairing the deficiencies within a reasonable time. If this proves to be impossible, or Blue Chimney ApS does not find it appropriate to repair the item, Blue Chimney ApS will instead ship a new item without deficiencies upon receipt of the flawed product. Blue Chimney ApS further commits to reimbursing any documented expenses incurred when returning the item. If it is impossible to repair or redeliver the item, Blue Chimney ApS will reimburse the purchase amount, including any documented expenses incurred when returning the item.

If you wish to complain about your purchase, please contact Blue Chimney ApS. If we do not succeed in finding a solution, please file a complaint with the Danish Consumer Complaints Board, if you meet the conditions. See www.kfst.dk.

Blue Chimney ApS cannot be held accountable for other incidents than those mentioned above. Blue Chimney ApS can under no circumstances be held accountable for indirect loss or damage. You are protected by law. Blue Chimney ApS enters all agreements in Danish, under Danish jurisdiction. When you make a purchase at www.bluechimney.dk, Danish purchase rules and contractual rules apply. This includes consumer purchases. As a consumer, you are protected by the applicable legislation, that is, primarily the sales law and the consumer contract law.

Disclaimer and reservations
Blue Chimney ApS makes reservations for printing errors in both prices and product descriptions, changing VAT and taxes as well as delayed or faulty delivery as a result of force majeure events.
Processing of personal data

In order for you to enter into an agreement with us at www.bluechimney.dk, we need the following information:

• Name
• Address
• Phone number
• E-mail address

When personal data is gathered via our website, we always ensure that you have given your express consent, so that you are informed about exactly what information is gathered and how.

Blue Chimney ApS employees have access to the information registered about you. The entity in charge of data processing at www.bluechimney.dk is Blue Chimney ApS. We do not protect our customers’ personal data by encryption. We do not transmit our customers’ personal data in an encrypted form. The information provided to www.bluechimney.dk is under no circumstances disclosed or sold to a third party, and we do not record sensitive personal information.

If you are registered with Blue Chimney ApS, you have the right to raise objections to the registration at any time. You also have the right to access the information which is registered about you, according to the data protection law. Please contact Blue Chimney ApS via e-mail aduroshop@aduro.dk concerning such matters.

At www.bluechimney.dk, cookies are used to optimise our website and its functionality and in order to facilitate your visit. You can delete cookies from your computer at any time. The procedure will depend on your specific browser.

Log statistics
At www.bluechimney.dk we use log statistics. This means that a statistics system gathers information in order to constitute a statistical overview of how many visitors we have, where they come from, where they leave the website etc. The log statistics are used with the sole purpose of optimising www.bluechimney.dk .

Client information (name, address, e-mail etc.) is only used by Blue Chimney ApS to complete your order and inform you of unexpected problems during delivery. Blue Chimney ApS will under no circumstances disclose your personal information to a third party. Nor will Blue Chimney ApS use your personal information for marketing purposes without your consent.

Deleting information
Information concerning your orders as well as other client information is stored for 5 years. Subsequently, the information is automatically deleted, unless the information is still relevant for Blue Chimney ApS, e.g. for the completion of new orders or in order to ensure appropriate complaint handling.