“When the time came to replace our fireplace insert after 28 years, that’s when the nightmare began, with black dust getting everywhere. It affected our health: Our noses were constantly running, and we had to take allergy medication. We were worried that the problem could have been caused by our new fireplace insert, which in all other respects satisfied the latest environmental requirements.

Our chimney sweep told us that it was probably the new insert that was the cause, where dense housing can give rise to these kinds of problems. The solution was a chimney exhauster, and he recommended a BlueChimney that was both of good quality and reliable. And so we ordered the BlueChimney chimney exhauster, which arrived two 2 days later and we installed it straight away — full-on plug-n-play.

We have begun a whole new life with the insert. No black dust and what is even better: our allergies disappeared, along with the nasal spray. I sincerely hope that others can have the same experience — just a lot quicker than us.”
Jimmy Juul
Happy — and healthy — owner of a BlueChimney chimney fan

Customer Testimonials

“We were unable to use our fireplace for a number of years without it filling our living room with smoke and blackening the walls. Now there’s no smoke in the living room any more, and it has become easier to light the fire. We’re extremely satisfied with our BlueChimney...”
“Thank you for the best winter we have had for many years. It has been wonderful being able to breathe and not have all the little black smuts floating around.”
“We had a BlueChimney installed and it works wonderfully. Previously we always wasted around half an hour to bring the stove to an optimal burning level. Now we spend just minutes. Why hadn’t we bought such a chimney fan before?”
“Just like 10,000 other families, I am glad that there is now a draught in the chimney whenever I light the stove, without any of the accompanying smoke inside or out.”
“A fantastic product. We want to have the fire going all the time. I don’t know how it’s been possible to live without a BlueChimney — and now my entire family has also had a chance to watch the video and learn how to light the fire correctly.”
“BlueChimney has made it much easier for us to light the stove, and we do not get any smoke into the living room any more. I also think that I use less firewood now.”
“The best investment ever. We use it every day when we need to get the stove going”
“I bought one 5 years ago and hope that I never have to part with it again. There is never any smoke inside and it is easy to light.”
“A really wonderful product. We are no longer troubled by smoke in the living room when we open the door to the stove, and the chimney offers an amazing draught during lighting.”