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BlueChimney chimney fan and chimney fan accessories

The BlueChimney fan reduces smoke from the wood-burning stove and thereby the smoke present in the living room as well as outdoors. With a BlueChimney fan you can therefore light the fire in the wood-burning stove without worrying about smoke in the living room or next door.

The BlueChimney fan is compatible with most chimneys—both brick chimneys and steel chimneys.

BlueChimney is your best friend—and your chimney’s best ally!

The chimney functions as an engine for the wood-burning stove. If it is not running, the draught in the chimney is insufficient to enable suction in the combustion chamber, also even if the stove door is open. Insufficient air for combustion produces soot and smoke, which turn into a nuisance both indoors and outdoors.

The BlueChimney fan creates the required draught (12 Pascal) in the chimney—also when it is completely cold. You will get a quick and easy ignition without smoke in the living room. The stove heats up quickly for cleaner combustion. This helps you avoid unnecessary smoke and odours and saves firewood.

Avoid smoke nuisance, not just indoors, but also outdoors.

The BlueChimney fan is placed at the top of the chimney. It sucks up the smoke from the wood-burning stove. It mixes the smoke with the air outside and ejects it high up above the chimney, thereby avoiding smoke and odours, not just inside, but also outside the house. BlueChimney makes it possible for you to easily use top-down ignition. This method is recommended for avoiding unnecessary smoke and particle emissions.