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With circular flange


Professional chimney fan, black, for your wood burning stove

The BlueChimney fan runs from a 24V low voltage motor made by one of the world's leading manufacturers. It is powered by means of an interior or exterior ceiling/roof outlet. No grounding is needed (as is the case with 230V smoke fans).

BlueChimney chimney fan fits both brick smokestack and steel chimney.

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Free trial



diameter 265 mm, height 280 mm


6.5 kg including circular mounting flange

Power consumption

Minimum 2 Watt, maximum 20 Watt


Stainless steel type AISI304


1,010 cubic metres/hour in open air


24V EC low voltage motor manufactured by ebmPapst

2-year product warranty

2-year product warranty

Technical specifications

Sliding variable speed control, 400 to 1300 rpm. Flue gas temperatures up to 500 degrees Celsius. Automatic motor safety switch at 35 degrees Celsius. Outside air admixture: 10-25 times.


Can be mounted on chimneys serving a stove or fireplace insert with a capacity of up to 15 kW. Integrated rain hood keeps rain out

Power supply

24V power supply, 1.6 amps, short-circuit protection, requires no grounding


The motor is cooled by outside air. It has been tested up to a temperature of 500 degrees Celsius (almost double as hot as smoke from a typical fire gets).

BlueChimney has an integrated rain hood to keep water from getting into the chimney. This is particularly important for steel chimneys.

BlueChimney provides a full chimney aperture as required by stove manufacturers based on recommendations from Denmark’s construction research institute.

You or your chimneysweep will be able to install BlueChimney easily.

The optional remote control (on/off and automatic boost) provides additional convenience.​​

BlueChimney is available in polished stainless steel.

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