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BlueChimney Chimney fan type 310-200-800


BlueChimney is suitable for large, open fireplaces connected to brick chimneys with a illumination area of up to 7,000 cm2 (e.g. 100x70 cm). Rain cap function is not included.

  • Bluechimney 310-200-80 is available in black and polished stainless steel.
  • Choose from automatic remote control or manual control.
  • Flange for large, brick chimneys with a clearing of more than 150 x 240 mm is available.

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Width: ø310 mm, height: 280 mm


9.2 kg, including round flange

Power consumption

From 2 to 20 Watt


Stainless steel type AISI304


Draws up to 600 m3 per hour


24 Volt EC low voltage motor from the German company, ebmpapst.

Power supply

Short-circuit-proof — does not require grounding


BlueChimney has a drawing capacity of up to 600 m3 per hour and is suitable for large, open fireplaces with a clearance area of max 7,000 cm2 (e.g., 100×70 cm) connected to brick chimneys .

Product warranty

2-year product warranty

Technical specifications

Draws up to 600 m3 per hour. Able to withstand flue gas temperatures of up to 500 °C.


The engine is cooled by outdoor air. It has been tested up to a temperature of 700 degrees Celsius (more than twice as hot as smoke from a typical fire gets).

You can easily install your BlueChimney yourself; however, your fireplace center or your chimney sweeper can also install the chimney fan for you.

See user manual for BlueChimney type 310-150 and 310-200 here

Data sheet

Download type 310-200-80 data sheet here