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Product Information

May be connected to a standard wall outlet

You may use a plug with only two prongs (dual protection). Does not require grounding (as other smoke fans do).

Rain does not get into the chimney

Protection against rain that could compromise refractory bricks and insulation linings.

No risk of smoke inhalation

Soot blockage could cause smoke inhalation. The design is open to let smoke out in several places.

Meets regulatory requirements

Complies with regulations and stove manufacturers' requirements for chimneys 15 cm in diameter.

The draft in the chimney is adjustable

Achieve optimal efficiency by adjusting the draft. For example, excessive draft increases firewood consumption by up to 25%.

Innovative and unique smoke extraction method

BlueChimney leaves heat and efficiency in the stove.

24 Volt – you may install it yourself

If necessary, you may replace the standard cord with a longer one.

Warranty 500 °C – tested at more than 700 °C

Smoke in small and short chimneys easily exceeds 400 °C when a fire is started.

EC motor - 90% efficiency and long life

Typical motors offer just 18-25% efficiency and have a shorter life.

Save money

With a mere 20-watt power consumption, it costs less than DKK 60 per year to run the BlueChimney.

Reduces particle emissions

Combustion is efficient from the start until the fire is out.

Integrated motor protection

It starts automatically if you forget to turn it on and if it heats up from the summer sun.