How does BlueChimney work?

The chimney is the ‘motor’ running the wood burning stove. If it isn’t working properly, the chimney draft is too weak to pull air into the combustion chamber (even if the door or damper is open). With insufficient air for combustion, the stove produces unpleasant soot and smoke inside as well as outside.

BlueChimney creates a calibrated chimney draft (12 pascals) even when the stove is completely cold. Lighting a fire is easy, and there’s no interior smoke. The stove heats up fast to deliver the cleanest possible combustion, thus preventing unnecessary smoke and smell.

BlueChimney is installed on top of the chimney. Its fan pulls the smoke from the stove, mixes it with outside air, and sends it out high above the chimney. The smoke stays where it belongs – way up there!

BlueChimney is ideal for the top down fire lighting method recommended by Denmark’s environmental protection agency to avoid unnecessary smoke and particle emissions.