Avoid smoke in the living room and outdoors by using the BlueChimney chimney fan

A BlueChimney chimney fan is unique. It is different from other smoke fans on the market because it sucks up the air using the same procedure that is used for testing wood-burning stoves.

By generating a better draft in the chimney, it reduces the smoke from wood-burning stoves inside as well as outside. 

The suction is indirect, and the BlueChimney is calibrated to generate the adequate suction of 12 pascal at full power. This produces efficient combustion (without too much suction) and limits smoke generated by wood-burning stoves in the living room and outdoors. At the same time, you obtain a much better fuel economy. The motor in the BlueChimney runs on 24 volts and allows significant energy savings.

BlueChimney is a chimney fan for both brick and steel chimneys

The BlueChimney chimney fan is compatible with most chimneys in both brick and steel. It comes with a standard manual adjustable speed control and an adjustable remote control as complementary equipment.

The BlueChimney chimney fan produces the best heating economy

It can be controlled through adjustable suction: you can adjust the speed to obtain the perfect fit with your wood-burning stove and chimney. This produces the best heating economy. Several of our clients have achieved savings of up to 20% on their wood consumption.

The chimney fan has a 24V low power engine which uses very little power and does not require grounding which is usually only present in the most humid rooms in the house. Connection to a standard power socket is sufficient. There is no need to call an electrician.

Stop water getting into your chimney with a BlueChimney chimney fan

BlueChimney prevents water getting into your chimney. This is especially important if your chimney is made of steel and where water coming in can cause damage to your stove.

Achieve a better up-draft in the chimney and avoid smoke nuisance with a BlueChimney smoke extractor
Smoke is drawn up through the chimney by means of indirect suction, which at the same time mixes the smoke with air from the outside. Our extractor helps avoid excessive suction, which can draw heat away from the stove and is detrimental for good fuel economy. And so, you get an improved draft effect in the chimney with the BlueChimney smoke extractor.

A good chimney draft speeds up the development of the fire and helps it reach a higher temperature faster. This makes for less smoke from the chimney, both inside and outside the living area.

Mixing the smoke with outdoor air avoids your getting a plume of smoke that, for example, rolls down the roof to the annoyance of both yourself and your neighbours. The smoke is mixed 10-25 times and makes optimal use of the chimney draft.

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