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BlueChimney – burn wood without the unpleasant smoke

BlueChimney – burn wood without the unpleasant smoke

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– Light a fire easily without getting smoke into the living room

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Chimney fan for wood-burning stove

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Chimney fan for fireplace insert

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The professional chimney fan for your wood burning stove

Inspiration for the perfect chimney fan

My work as a chimneysweeper exposed me to many smoke related problems. In December 2011, I developed a new design for a smoke extraction exhaust fan to solve environmental challenges not addressed by traditional chimney fans. I wanted to help home owners by producing an attractive and high-quality solution that not only extracted smoke but also eliminated smell.

No more unpleasant smoke – inside and out

I wanted my fan to ensure that no smoke leaks into the room while a fire is being lit or stoked. At the same time, I wanted it to help reduce smell from the smoke sent out into the air – out of consideration for neighbours. My solution worked.

The professional solution for a wood burning stove

The Technological Institute and the Technical University of Denmark have been great sources of inspiration during the development work. They helped me obtain a patent. Many satisfied customers have now installed a BlueChimney.

Our customers say

“Vi har ikke kunnet bruge vores indsatspejs i flere år uden at det har røget ud og sværtet vores vægge i stuen. Nu har vi ikke røg i stuen mere, og det er blevet meget nemmere at tænde op. Vi er meget tilfredse med vores BlueChimney.​​​”
​”Fantastisk produkt. Vi har lyst til at tænde op hele tiden. Jeg fatter ikke, hvordan jeg har kunnet leve uden en BlueChimney – og nu har hele familien også set videoen og lært at tænde rigtigt op.​”
“Tak for den bedste vinter i mange år. Det har været dejligt at kunne trække vejret og slippe for alle de små sorte fnug.”
“​Med BlueChimney er det blevet meget nemmere at tænde op, og vi har ikke røg i stuen mere. Jeg synes også, at jeg bruger mindre brænde nu.​”

The BlueChimney smoke fan improves the draft in the chimney and helps avoid smoke nuisance

A powerful indirect suction pulls up the smoke through the chimney and at the same time dilutes the smoke with outdoor air. This prevents an excessively powerful suction which would extract the heat out of the wood-burning stove and eliminate the obtained fuel savings. Thus the BlueChimney smoke fan improves the draft in the chimney.

The BlueChimney smoke fan reduces smoke generated by wood-burning stoves, thus limiting the appearance of smoke in the living room and outdoors

With a BlueChimney smoke fan you can ignite your wood-burning stove without worrying about smoke generation in the living room and smoke nuisance for the neighbours. With an effective chimney draft the fire develops faster and produces a higher temperature more quickly. This reduces smoke in the living room and outdoors.

The BlueChimney smoke fan can be used for both brick chimneys and steel chimneys

The BlueChimney smoke fan is compatible with most chimneys, in both brick and steel.

New, clever and unique smoke suction method

BlueChimney was designed by a professional chimney sweeper with a clever and unique smoke suction method, ensuring that the heat economy produced by the wood-burning stove is preserved. Several of our clients have made savings of up to 20% on their wood consumption.

BlueChimney prevents water from penetrating the chimney

BlueChimney prevents rainwater from penetrating the chimney – this is particularly important if you have a steel chimney, as penetrating water can destroy the wood-burning stove.